Immunity Booster Drinks

Everyone seems to be anxious about increasing the immunity system these days. People have been trying various options for increasing their immunity power for a long time. Today, we will discuss about immunity booster drinks which you can prepare at home and can stay healthy.

What is Immunity?

Immunity is a resistance power of the body to fight against several infections or diseases which may affect your health severely. As per the sudden outbreak of corona virus (Covid-19), several millions of people across the globe are severely impacted. Immunity is gained over a period of time.

If you want to live healthy and happy, keep a close eye over your diet. As per the studies that our body weight consists of 70% of water, So, start having drinks that can boost your immunity and don’t have any side effects.

Homemade Drinks to Boost Your Immune System

In such a scenario, it is required to look for some homemade drinks to boost your immune system which help your body to fight with any arising diseases and will also protect you

There are several immunity booster drinks that are easily available in the market outside your home. But, they are full of preservatives and flavors which may be harmful to your health instead of giving the required benefits.

The better option is to make homemade immunity booster drinks that are fresh and has instant benefit. So, you can try some of the homemade immunity booster drinks which are as follows:

Herbal Tea is the Immunity Booster Drink:

Herbal tea is a natural remedy to ward off many diseases. There are many brands available in the market that are selling a large number of herbal tea with vast promises like a natural immunity booster drink.

There is no denying that they are also effective to some extent. But, when you prepare a herbal tea at home, it is really very refreshing and powerful for your immune system. Just take some water in the pan.

Add two or three cloves along with some pieces of ginger, a pinch of cinnamon powder, and some black pepper with a half teaspoon of honey. Boil them for around 10 minutes and have it with pleasure.

Turmeric Milk (Haldi – Dhoodh) is the Best Immunity Booster:

Turmeric milk is a powerhouse of energy and is a panacea for all diseases. In the old tradition, Turmeric is considered as a medicine for all the body ailments and is also the best immunity booster for your body.

It is said to be an ancient drink for detoxing the entire body that our elders and forefathers used to suggest to us to have it every day. The right way to have Turmeric milk is to boil some milk on the gas and put raw turmeric for 3 to 5 minutes.

You can add some sugar to your taste if it is required. It will definitely enhance your immunity to the next level.

Lemonade is a Natural Immunity Booster:

You would have experienced different types of Lemonades in the various eateries or restaurants. They are usually chilled and preservatives mixed. They are not too healthy as it is presumed so by the large section of the society. You will agree upon that Lemon is a natural immunity booster.ermelon and also the antioxidant.

It is rightly advised that you should start your day with lemonade. So, it should be homemade preferably. You just take some lukewarm water and squeeze a half piece of lemon in it. Add a half teaspoon of honey and some mint leaves.

Then, stir it well. It will keep you energized throughout the day and will also make your immunity strong. Though, you can also prepare cold lemonade full of ice cubes at home as per your taste.

But, it should not be too chilled to affect your health. The excessive chilled drinks can harm you severely.

So, always strike a balance between your immunity booster drinks.

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Watermelon Juice is Immunity Booster For Kids:

Watermelon Juice is one of the homemade immunity booster. It is full of natural chemical lycopene which gives a red color to the watermelon and is also antioxidant.

Just take out watermelon juice and add some lemon with mint. You can also add some ice cubes to it for better taste. It has Vitamin A and C that is good for your healthy body.

Orange and Tomato Juice are the Best Immunity Booster:

Orange and tomato, both are rich in Vitamin C that really protects your body from deadly viruses and infections. They are fresh and have good taste.

You can prepare orange and tomato juice at home and add some rock salt for a taste.  Both are the best immunity booster for your healthy life. You would experience instant energy in your body after having them.

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So, what are you waiting for? Don’t think too much. Just start having homemade immunity booster drinks for a healthy and longer life. This will also reduce your odd timing meals in-take which affects your eating habits.

Fast foods are affecting our healthy every day. You have limited options available for the healthy drinks. The suggested homemade immunity booster drinks will certainly make your life healthier.

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