High BP Causes

High BP is also termed as “hypertension”. It is called High Blood Pressure. It is a dangerous state of your heart. The stage of high blood pressure comes when your blood pressure increases to an unhealthy level.

You should first understand the role of blood pressure. It is a yardstick to measure the actual state of your heart pumping against the flow of blood passing through the blood vessels. Do you know what are the high BP causes and remedies?

How to Measure Your BP on Certain Parameters

If the bp is more than 120 over 80, it is considered a slightly high bp. But, when the bp is more than 140 over 90, it is a state of high blood pressure which is a cause of concern for the human being. We will further discuss high BP causes and remedies to control it here. Let’s first understand in detail.

                                   Blood Pressure Levels

LevelUpper NumberLower Number
NormalBelow 120andBelow 80
Elevated120-129andBelow 80
Hypertension Stage 1130-139or80-89
Hypertension Stage 2140 or Higheror90 or Higher
Hypertension Stage 3Above 180and/orAbove 120

Note: The top number is called Systolic, and the bottom number is called Diastolic.

High BP is a very prevalent problem across the world. The studies reveal that every second and third person is suffering from high bp syndrome in India. It is a matter of great concern. Even, many children are not free from high bp problem.

High bp is caused by unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. When the arteries become narrow, the blood pressure shoots up. It can damage your vital organs like heart, kidney, eyes, and brains. Most people are not aware of high bp causes and remedies to curb it.

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What are the Causes of High BP?

There are many causes that may increase blood pressure from a normal level to a high level. The following are the main causes of high BP:-

1. Stress:

Stress is one of the major factors for high bp. Everyone is quite busy these days. There is a lot of pressure to fulfill some expectations in life. The employees have pressure to perform exceptionally well in their profession.

The head of the family has pressure to run the house financially well. The females have a burden to take care of their children. So, stress is affecting every human being to a greater extent. It directly affects our heart function.

2. Obesity:

Obesity gives rise to several problems. The body starts accumulating fat due to having bad eating habits like intake of fast food, oily food, excessive use of sugar and preservative drinks, sedentary lifestyle, odd time meals, lack of any physical activity, etc. So, high blood pressure is mostly seen in obese people.

3. Old Age:

It is a phase of life that every human being has to pass through. When a person starts getting older, the organs of the body get weaker day by day. The immunity of the body gets affected severely. Having a high bp at this stage is quite common.

3. Genetics history of high blood pressure:

When you inherit something by birth, you can’t escape from that easily. In case of a family history of high blood pressure, you will naturally become a victim of high bp. It depends that how you have been handling the current situation.

If high bp is affecting your health severely like severe headache, feeling vomiting and dizziness, having problems in taking a breath, nosebleeds, and having a blurred vision.

Though, females have a high risk of blood pressure during menopause, pregnancy, and during the use of birth control pills. This is a very critical stage of hypertensive crisis when bp is more than 180 over 120.

4. Past Kidney and Thyroid disorder:

The chronic kidney and thyroid disorder are the causes of high bp among the people.  When your vital organs have a severe disorder, They directly or indirectly affect your other organs. At this stage, it is normal that your bp will be certainly high.

Remedies – How to Cure High BP

How to Cure High BP

It is necessary to take measures for High BP cure. Otherwise, it may lead to several health problems that may endanger your survival.

1. Healthy Diet Plan:

A healthy diet plays a vital role in keeping your body physically and mentally fit. It has been scientifically proved that if you include fruits, green vegetables, low-dairy milk products, nuts, seeds, and a low-fat diet. It will lower the bad cholesterol level in the body. The right kind of nutrition helps to lower high blood pressure level.

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2. Keep Your Body Physically Fit:

Life is very fast in today’s age for everyone. Most people are engaged in multiple tasks throughout the day. They even don’t get time to keep themselves physically active. This habit supports high blood pressure.

If you are involved in any kind of physical activity like jogging, running, skipping, low intensity, and high-intensity workouts for half an hour daily, you can keep your blood pressure normal. You first check out How to Lose Fat.

You should opt for some weight loss program. So, health comes first before getting busy in any activity. That’s why it is said that health is wealth.

3. Preferably, Lower The Sodium Intake Level:

The experts suggest that a person shouldn’t take more than 1,500 mg of sodium in a day. The excessive use of sodium is directly associated with the risk of high blood pressure.

You would be surprised that a teaspoon full of salt has around 2400 mg of sodium. Whenever you are planning to have preservatives or energy drinks, always check at the label of the bottle or container about the amount of sodium in the drink.

4. Control Stress Level:

The stress is usually the most common factor of high bp. People are generally worried about their work, financial issues, education, and other family disputes. Sometimes, the situation is getting so verse and the people don’t have many options to escape from that problem.

So, stress is a part of life. But, the efforts should be made to find out the actual cause of concern and how you can reduce stress in your life. High bp will go down if you know the art of controlling your stress level.

5. Control Your Alcohol Level and Quit Smoking:

Alcohol intake is not always beneficial for the body as it is so much exaggerated. Excessive use of alcohol is harmful to your health. Even the doctors recommend that a male should not take more than 2 drinks every day and a female is restricted to have only one drink a day.

Now, It is advisable to limit your alcohol level for controlling your blood pressure. While those who are the chain smokers, they should try to first limit their smoking habits and quit at last. But, they need to consult doctors also for quitting the smoking habit.

Consult The Doctor

If you have come across the fact that your blood pressure level seems to be high. And,  you have been experiencing some symptoms of high bp, so the first thing you can do that you start measuring your BP at home by the BP measurement machine.

You must consult your doctor immediately if you feel that the situation is going beyond your control.


We hope the above mentioned high bp causes and remedies would certainly help you to control your high bp problem and you should adopt a healthy lifestyle for living a happy and stress-free life. You have to be extra cautious regarding your health and follow a strict diet schedule to avoid any arising BP problem in future.

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