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A healthy breakfast is the foundation of your overall fitness. You generally have different options to choose your every day’s breakfast plan. If you are in a hurry to run for office, school, college, or any critical work, you sometimes skip your breakfast, that is not a good thing for your health. Here, we will discuss GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss for achieving your fitness goal.

The whole day you remain occupied in your daily chores and the energy with a strength necessary for your fitness that should not be compromised at the cost of your health.

What is GM Diet Plan?

The GM Diet Plan was initially introduced by General Motors in association with the FDA and Agriculture Department of the United States of America in 1985 to make its employees fit and healthy.

The aim was to make their employees productive and energetic. It brought significant changes in the lives of all employees. The results were so impressive and astonishing within seven days.

Many nutritionists and dieticians don’t suggest this nutrition plan for people. The main reason is that every human being has a different digestive system and. If they start taking this diet without consultation, they may have some adverse effects on their body.

Suppose your body responds differently after taking seven days of the GM Diet Plan. In that case, you should consult your doctor or nutritionists for proper nutrition that may be suitable for your healthy life.

It is also evident that the GM diet plan for weight loss is significant and has been accepted worldwide wholeheartedly by the different sets of people who are the fitness freak and health-conscious.

GM Nutrition Plan – 7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

GM Nutrition

According to GM Nutrition, the whole diet is planned into a 7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss. This diet plan has strict rules that you need to follow the food you will consume.

Several positive results have been experienced during GM Diet Plan. Like,

  • It improves your digestion and makes the metabolism stronger.
  • You can lose around 7 kg of weight within one week.
  • It detoxifies and removes all harmful toxins from the body.
  • You can reduce your fat faster without any physical activity.

The GM Diet focuses on low calories diet that can support your weight loss regime. Foods like vegetables and fruits are low calories and high in fiber.

When you consume low calories against your body requirements, you will undoubtedly start losing weight by repeating the GM diet plan after a gap of 5 to 6 days.

Drinking more water during the day is also helpful in losing weight faster. The GM diet plan’s primary notion is to depend on vegetables, fruits, brown rice, and chicken to control your diet and avoid having fast foods or oily dishes.

Here, you will experience the 7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss introduced by The GM Company to change your perception towards fitness.

GM Diet DAY 1 (Fruits)

GM Diet DAY 1 (Fruits)

It is advised to have fruits during the GM Diet Day 1. You can take any fruit that should contain high fiber except banana. Preferably, you can take watermelons and muskmelons also because they have more amount of water.

Fruits like banana, apple, orange, kiwi, etc. are excellent sources of high fiber and vitamins. You can take them in the form of shakes as per your suitability or taste preferences. They help you rejuvenate your entire body and are rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and other essential nutrients.

Apart from that, you have to focus on drinking around 8 to 10 glasses of water to hydrate yourself. Also, the intake of an adequate amount of water during the day assists you in your weight loss program.

The regular use of fruits keeps you healthy and refresh. Your skin is toned, and you look stunning. You have to eat only fruits but not anything. I mean to say that you can’t have roti, rice, or any other dish strictly while following the GM diet day one plan.

GM Diet DAY 2 (Vegetables) –

GM Diet DAY 2 (Vegetables)

Vegetables are a good source of fiber and proteins. You have to eat only vegetables during GM Diet Day 2. You don’t have to use any oil. You can eat vegetables as raw, or you can cook them well. If it is more required, you can use olive oil mildly for a taste only.

You are not allowed to have any oily food and fast food. Especially, green vegetables are good for health. They have a high nutritional value and keep your body active and energetic.

When you have a low carb diet on day one, you will have more carb intake by eating vegetables the next day to balance your body’s nutrients.

GM Diet DAY 3 (Fruits & Vegetables)

As per GM Diet Day 3, you have to consume fruits and vegetables together during the day. You don’t have to eat any other thing. One must avoid potatoes and bananas strictly on the day three diet plan.

The combination of fruits and vegetables will give you more protein and high carbs to strengthen your body’s muscles. Apart from that, you can also add soup to your diet.

Never forget to have 8 to 10 glasses of water during the day for striking a balance in your health fitness regime, and it will remove all impurities simultaneously from the body.

GM Diet DAY 4 (Banana with Milk)

GM Diet DAY 4 (Banana with Milk)

Banana is a fruit, but it is avoided on GM diet day 1. Banana is a good source of calcium, potassium, and energy. The diet plan suggests that one must take around eight bananas during the day. However, the consumption of banana can be split into different intervals.

You should take one glass of milk at breakfast, lunch, and dinner also. In other words, one must take at least three glasses of milk in a day for better health on the GM diet day four diet plan.

It has high protein and will provide you instant energy. The combination of milk and banana will give you vitamin D in sufficient quantity concerning your healthy body’s requirements.

If one is getting bored having the same diet repeatedly during the day, take a bowl of soup for controlling your temptation. It will create some taste for you.

GM Diet DAY 5 (Rice, Potatoes – Veg, & Fish, Chicken – Non-Veg)

Here, the interests of vegetarians and non-vegetarians have been taken care of. Those who are vegetarians can have rice, especially brown rice and potatoes during the day.
On the other hand, non-vegetarians have the opportunity to have fish and chicken.

They can have baked chicken up to 500 gm with 5 to 6 potatoes. There are more carbohydrates in chicken and potatoes to provide you sufficient energy.

Fish is full of omega 3 fatty acid that is more beneficial for your body growth. Not only this, but there is a requirement of drinking 15 to 20 glasses of water also for striking a balance in your metabolism rate.

Your body can flush out excess amounts of uric acid if you drink sufficient water during the day.

Brown rice is more in demand these days due to having its incredible benefits for your health. They are a good source of carbs. You can use olive oil slightly to add some fat to your body.

A decent amount of fat is also required for your body to attain a healthy life. You may take a bowl of soup in the evening for a change.

GM Diet DAY 6 (Brown Rice, Vegetables – Veg, & Fish, Chicken – Non-Veg)

GM Diet DAY 6

This diet plan suggests that you can take brown rice and vegetables in a day if you are vegetarian. But, non-vegetarians can consume meat, fish, and chicken. But, they have to control the quantity of non-veg. It shouldn’t go beyond 500 grams.

Vegetarians can eat raw and semi-cooked vegetables. Salads can be also be added to your GM diet Day 6 plan. The potatoes can be ignored to consume anyhow for the time being.

You can source protein from vegetables and brown rice along with carbohydrates. You can get lean protein from having chicken or fish. Also, keep your water intake around 12 to 14 glasses during the day.

GM Diet DAY 7 (Brown Rice, Vegetables, and Fruits)

GM Diet DAY 7

As per the GM diet DAy 7, one should take brown rice, vegetables, and fruits. Brown rice has low fat and high carb. It provides instant energy to your body.

If you are taking the right combination of brown rice and vegetables in the lunch, you will experience good results in your body.

Fruits are a good source of high fiber and energy. You can take fruit juice in the morning.

It strengthens your metabolism system and makes more robust your immune system.

Your body clock functions well if you have a sufficient amount of energy after having rice and vegetables. Avoid taking banana, mango, potatoes, and oily foods.

Keep your health better by taking only the healthy food which is suggested above. The combination of brown rice, vegetables, and fruits will give you high carb, high fiber, and balanced protein amount for your body growth.

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GM diet plan is beneficial for your weight loss fitness goal. This plan works well if you implement the nutrition mentioned above tips every day and repeat them consecutively.

Though, such a diet plan is effective for your weight loss. But, it may affect your health in the long run. It will bring significant change in your body. You will start losing weight quickly.

You should focus on a balanced diet after some time if you are following a GM diet plan. It may affect your body suddenly. Since you start observing changes in your body and they are good for the time being. So, you can stop this diet to stay fit and healthy.

It is also advisable to walk for at least 3o to 45 minutes daily. You can opt for any suitable physical activity like running, jogging, exercising either in the gym or at home. It is beneficial and provides quick results in your weight loss program.

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