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The Legs are the foundation of your whole body. They carry your all body weight. If you don’t take exercises for inner thighs and buttocks, you may face some challenges like weak leg muscles, inability to walk properly, frequent pain in the legs, or maybe other several ailments. Let’s understand in detail.

You would have witnessed that most of the people who are fitness lovers but they hesitate to have legs workout in the gym. Therefore, their legs become weak, and the stamina goes down over some time. Inner thigh strengthening is essential for shaping your hips, knees, lower back, and core muscles. You can also know more about leg slimming exercises for strengthening your legs.

Inner thigh muscles play a vital role in shaping your leg muscles. The regular 15 minutes leg workout for the inner thigh keeps all your organs healthy because the blood flows smoothly in the body, and your all-body muscles are charged up. Your overall fitness enhances with your legs’ movements, and you need to focus on inner thigh workout for your well-being.

What causes inner thigh fat?

Inner thigh fat accumulates over some time in both either men or women. There are multiple reasons for storing the fat in the legs. People do have an unhealthy lifestyle, and they don’t get time for workouts. Over-eating habits are also the reason for obesity.

The main formula is that if you are eating more calories than your body requirement and are not burning them at the right time, the fat starts accumulating in your body.

Females are more prone to store extra fat in their belly, hips, and inner thighs. On the other hand, Male can also have more fat in their inner thighs. Sometimes, people are obese due to genetic reasons. Though, some fat is essential for the smooth functioning of your body organs.

How to tighten inner thighs loose skin?

If you are serious about maintaining your body shape and are eager to tighten your inner thighs loose skin, it is a big decision.

Due to the sedentary lifestyle and odd eating habits, most people are becoming obese, and they have been suffering from multiple body ailments due to having lost inner thigh strength over some time.

A small step is more important to achieve big goals. You need to determine your fitness goal and make continuous efforts regularly to commit them; you will surely be able to tighten inner thighs loose skin within few weeks. Make your workout schedule and follow that rigorously for better results.

There are many leg exercises for strengthening your inner thighs muscles. You can find some of the best exercises for inner thighs below:

9 Exercises for Inner Thighs


Burpees are suitable for strength building in your whole body, especially in the lower muscles. You can quickly tighten your inner thigh lose weight through a Burpee workout.

It engages every muscle in your body. It is performed for weight loss and also lowering your blood pressure. It keeps fit to all of your organs in the body.

How to do Burpees:

  1. Stand in the straight position.
  2. Come to the squat position and keep both your hands on the ground.
  3. Push your legs in the plank position and take your arms straight.
  4. Return your feet to the squat position.
  5. Move to the stand-up position from the squat.

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping Jack is called a star jump and is known as a side-straddle hop in the US military. It is an excellent warm-up exercise for your whole body and is useful for your inner thigh strength.

You can burn up to 100 calories if you perform this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes. It tones up your body muscles such as biceps, triceps, chest muscles, back muscles, heart, and leg muscles.

Jumping jack is the form of aerobic exercise that produces happy hormones (Endorphins) in your body and helps overcome your stress level and anxiety. It is an excellent inner thigh exercise for men and women.

How to do Jumping Jacks

  1. Stand straight and keep your both hands regular touching sides.
  2. Jump and spread your legs wider than your shoulders.
  3. Take both your hands above your shoulders and clap.
  4. Return to your previous position as standing straight.
  5. Perform at least 5 sets, and each set should have 20 to 40 reps.

Lateral Lunges:

Lunges are strength-building exercises that sculpt and tone your whole body muscles. These help build up the athletic body and strengthen your back, hips, and legs to enhance flexibility in the body.

The runners and cyclists love to perform Lunges, Lateral Lunges, and Reverse Lunges to remain fit. Even the gymnasts include lunges workout in the warm-up exercises and during the leg workouts.

Lateral Lunges are instrumental in your fitness, especially in weight loss and strengthening of your body entirely. The inner thighs become stronger and flexible.

How to do Lateral Lunges:

  1. Stand straight in the normal position.
  2. Take a large step with the right leg towards the right.
  3. Bend your right knee in the sitting position.
  4. Keep your left leg straight and toes of both feet facing front.
  5. Take your right heel back to a normal straight position.

Reverse Lunges:

Reverse Lunges are one of the cardio exercises that bring agility to your lower body part. The lower core muscles get activated, and your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves muscles work seamlessly during reverse lunges. These are the inner thigh exercises for women and men.

How to do Reverse Lunges

  1. After standing straight, keep your feet beneath your hips and arms in the sides.
  2. Step back with slightly long with the right foot.
  3. Start bending both legs until the back knee touches the floor beneath your hips and keep your right side heel high.
  4. Simultaneously, fold your arms and bring both your hands near to your chest.
  5. Bring your right foot back to the standing position.

Single-Leg Deadlift:

Single-Leg Deadlift is an exercise that strengthens your core, back, and legs. It is good for striking a balance on the ground. The inner thigh muscles are extended and they become more flexible and strong.

How to do Single-Leg Deadlift

  1. Stand up on the left leg and keep your right palm facing thighs.
  2. Hold a dumbbell or a kettlebell in your right hand.
  3. Extend your left arm to the side for making balance and bend your left leg slightly.
  4. Lean forward and lift your right leg straight until your torso is parallel to the floor. The kettlebell or dumbbell is probably touching the ground.
  5. Return to the starting position and do similarly with the left leg.
  6. Do at least 3 sets and 10 to 15 repetitions per set.

Inner Thigh Raise:

An inner thigh raise is a form of classic Pilates that directly targets your inner thigh. You may lie down. You require more focus and control while doing such an exercise.

It is an adductor exercise that works on the groin area’s inner thigh muscles, which helps pull the thigh towards the midway of your body.

How to do Inner Thigh Raise:

  1. Lay down on your right side first.
  2. Keep your head, hips, and heels in one plane direction.
  3. Keep your fingertips on the floor to support your body.
  4. Try to bend your left leg over your right leg so that it rests on the floor.
  5. Engage your core and glutes.
  6. Keep your bottom leg raise after raising your bottom leg up to 2 inches.
  7. Repeat one side after doing from another side.
  8. Do 3 sets with 6 to 8 repetitions per set.

Sumo Squats:

Sumo Squats are the lower body exercises, and it is basically for your inner thighs and glutes. While doing sumo squats, you can combine it with a kettlebell or dumbbell workout.

You can hold the kettlebell or dumbbell in your hands and start your sumo squats without any problem.

How to do Sumo Squats:

  1. Stand up and open both your legs wider to your shoulders. Turn your toes slightly open.
  2. Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell before your hips.
  3. Bend your knees and do squats holding the dumbbell or kettlebell in hand.
  4. Lift your weight up and down as per the movement of squats.
  5. Hang the weight as your knees go down and vice-versa.

Plie Squats:

A Pile Squat is a useful exercise that helps strengthen your legs, glutes, and calves. It also increases your range of motion in the hips.

Plie squats strengthen inner thigh muscles and also creates lean and toned muscles. You can do Pile squats without any equipment wherever you want, either in the gym, hotel, or home.

You can warm up your lower body muscles quickly. It can lubricate your joints and can enhance your leg movements.

Pile squats are useful to increase the blood pumping and circulation in your whole body. However, you can warm up your muscles in glutes, hamstrings, quads, and inner thighs too. Plie squat can make your inner thigh workout effective.

How to do Plie Squats

  1. Stand straight and open both your feet wider than your shoulder.
  2. Keep your toes to a 45-degree angle.
  3. Make your knees bend and also lower your torso.
  4. Keep your back straight and abs tight.
  5. After squeezing your glutes, reach your standing position.
  6. Do at least 3 sets with 8 to 10 repetitions per set.


Source: Howcast.com
Skaters are one of the cardiovascular exercises which increase your heart rate because you jump while doing Skaters. It strengthens your core muscles and brings flexibility to your legs, mainly inner thighs. It is a cardio workout that focuses on quads and glutes.

How to do Skater

  1. Stand up and take a jump to the left side.
  2. Keep your right leg off the ground behind your left ankle.
  3. Then, jump your left leg towards the right side.
  4. Keep your left leg off the ground behind your right ankle.
  5. Repeat the same.
  6. Do at least 3 sets with 8 to 10 repetitions per set.

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There are several exercises for the inner thighs and buttocks. We have discussed the best 9 out of many that are more effective and beneficial for your lower body strengthening.

You can combine them in your cardio workouts daily and also club them with your leg workouts as per your fitness goal. Inner thigh workout is the main exercise that many fitness enthusiasts often skip because they think it is boring and don’t want to lose their energy.

But, the reality is quite different. Most fitness lovers who have attained some success in the bodybuilding field never skip their leg workout. The main strength comes from the lower body part.

If you don’t have strength in your lower body, you can’t weigh heavyweights, and your whole body muscles will be impacted severely.

Never compromise with your fitness. Give equal attention to all body parts while doing exercises.

If you are a novice and are not aware of the right way of doing workouts, you should approach your fitness coach to guide you for all body parts workout, mostly instructing you about inner thigh workout for toning and gaining strength.

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