Chest Exercises at Home

If you are a fitness freak and love to do workout daily, you need to follow a strict workout schedule and nutrition for better results. Here, we will discuss the Chest Exercises At Home that has given innumerable benefits to several people.

The chest is considered to be the biggest muscles of your body. Your overall personality depends upon the shape of your chest. Many people don’t focus on their chest workout and run after biceps and triceps workout. This is not the right way to build your muscles. Chest workout at home without weights.

Your body shape should reflect in equal proportion. If you are not doing your gym workout in the right way, your body may look ugly or not attractive.


Learn About Your Chest Muscles

Your chest muscles are quite powerful in your body and everything revolves around it. Either you are doing your workout in the gym or at home, focus first on your chest workout. It will give you good strength and stamina to perform your other workouts effectively.

You can do chest workout at home or in the gym with machines, dumbbells, or without dumbbells. It all depends upon your suitability and availability of resources.

If you are a beginner for gym exercises, don’t try any workout yourself. Always looks for a fitness trainer to learn the right way of doing workouts either in the gym or at home.

You can also watch fitness tutorials on different online video platforms to understand the right moves of several exercises and the safety measures required to perform them well.

Chest muscles are of two types – The Pectoralis Major and The Pectoralis Minor. There are also called as “pecs”. Your chest exercises will build up these two muscles in the right manner.

The Pectoralis Major –

It is the upper chest part and is combining your shoulder and breastbone.

The Pectoralis Minor-

It is the lower chest part and is very small, lean, and triangle shape muscle.

Both above-discussed chest parts are equally important while doing chest workout. The disciplined chest exercises can give you desired muscle growth.

Chest muscles support your arms to lift heavyweights. Either you want to play any outdoor games, weighing any stuff, pushing something, or moving your body, chest muscles play a vital role.

Chest Workout at Home without Weights

Chest Workout at Home without Weights

Your fitness goal should be to attain a perfect physique by performing the right mix of body workouts. You can start your Chest Workout at Home without Weights even.

Leave all your worries about going to the gym and buying fitness equipment to remain fit. Just perform your chest exercises without any restrictions. However, you can do different types of push-ups to support your chest workout.

Learn, the Chest Workouts at home here…

Basic or Military Push-Ups:

Chest Basic Push-Ups are one of the oldest and effective workouts for your chest. You don’t require any fitness equipment. You can perform your chest push-ups either at home, in the gym, or anywhere outside your house.

Push-Ups are considered to be the whole body workout. Majorly, your chest starts forming an attractive shape if you perform regular push-up workouts. In the beginning, you can’t take more than 3 to 4 repetitions. Because it requires lots of practice.

Ideally, you should take 4 to 5 sets with a combination of 10 to 20 repetitions for the better shape of your body. You can easily do chest exercises at home without wasting much of your time.

There are various types of push-ups for your chest workout. You can start with a simple and basic push-up workout. You can also use push-ups stands to do exercise.

How to do it

  1. First, lie down on the floor in the backward position.
  2. Keep your chest side on the floor.
  3. Widen your both hands outside your chest.
  4. Take your body weight on your both hands and legs.
  5. Lift your chest up and down with your hand movements.
  6. Put pressure on your chest muscles when your chest goes down to the floor.
  7. Keep your whole body in a straight position.
  8. Take rest for 40 to 60 seconds after every set.

Incline Push-Ups:

Incline Push-ups

Incline Push-ups are equally important to build your chest muscles. They are really effective for strengthening your lower chest muscles. You can find any table or other surface at home that is having some height above your abs to perform incline chest exercises at home.

How to do it

  1. Find a good place that is having some height above your abs.
  2. Keep your both hands at the top of it.
  3. Stand in a position like you are pushing the object.
  4. Keep your chest in pushing position.
  5. And, your legs should be behind your back.
  6. Push your body towards the object and come back to the same position.
  7. Just do 3 to 5 sets with 10 to 20 repetitions for good results.

Decline Push-Ups – A Upper Chest Workout At Home

Decline Push-Ups

You can pump your upper chest muscles through a decline push-ups workout. It looks slightly tough in the beginning. Those who are beginners, they find it difficult to practice. In fact, your whole body strength is used while doing this workout. It is an effective upper chest workout at home.

How to do it

  1. Take a comfortable chair that is not moving easily.
  2. Keep your both legs on the chair.
  3. Put your both hands on the floor.
  4. Your hands should be widely open outside your chest.
  5. Lie down in the position where your chest is facing the ground.
  6. Move your body with ups and downs movements.
  7. Push your chest towards the ground position for a positive outcome.
  8. Perform 3 to 5 sets with 10 to 20 repetitions for good results.

Normally, there are various types of push-ups that are for different purposes like chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, etc. But, push-ups are no doubt effective in your whole body workout. You can do the above chest exercises without weights at home.

If you do push-ups at least 5 days a week, and around 4 to 5 sets per day, you would notice a sea change in your personality. Your chest will become muscular and toned.

Chest Workout at Home with Weights

Not everyone is interested in going to the gym for his or her gym workouts. There may be a paucity of resources or may not get sufficient time to go to the gym. So, you can perform Chest Workout at Home with Weights especially with dumbbells.

Dumbbells are the best equipment to do multiple workouts. Either you are at home or at any outdoor location, just carry a pair of dumbbells and do your favorite workout.

Initially, don’t lift heavy weights from dumbbells. Start with the lightweights and move to heavyweights gradually as per your body capacity to lift the desired weight. Know some chest exercises at home which you can do with the help of dumbbells.

Chest Press:

Chest Press

Chest Press is a good exercise for the chest that can be done with rods or dumbbells. You can do with dumbbells easily at home. You can do variations with dumbbells. Start with slow and reach heavyweights.

It is one of the classic chest exercises and mainly works with your pectoralis. It helps in stabilizing muscles and provides strength to your core muscles.

How to do it

  1. Lie down on a flat bench.
  2. Hold dumbbells in your both hands and keep them straight.
  3. Push your dumbbells upward and bring down closer to your chest.
  4. Keep your dumbbells wider when you bring them down.
  5. Inhale when you start lifting your dumbbells.
  6. Exhale while bringing back your dumbbells.
  7. Do at least 3 sets and each set should have 10 to 15 repetitions.

Incline Press:

Incline Press

Incline Press can be done on an incline bench. The bench should be comfortable and should have proper alignment. If your alignment is not right, you may not get the desirable results. The incline dumbbell press is a free weight exercise and is quite effective for chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles.

How to do it

  1. Take an incline bench.
  2. Lie down properly and Hold the dumbbells in both hands.
  3. Push your dumbbells simultaneously upward.
  4. Push back towards your chest with force and exhale.
  5. Do at least 3 sets with a combination of 10 to 15 repetitions in each set.

Decline Press:

Decline Press

Decline Press with dumbbells is a very popular upper body exercise especially targeting lower pectoral muscles. It is a chest exercise that indirectly targets your shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. Those who love to have good lower chest muscles must do decline dumbbells press twice a week for a good response.

How to do it

  1. Pick up the dumbbells and lie down on a decline bench.
  2. Keep the weights closer to your chest.
  3. Take deep breaths and push your dumbbells upward.
  4. Lower the dumbbells and exhale comfortably.
  5. Do around 3 sets of exercise and each exercise should have at least 10 to 15 repetitions.

Chest Dumbbell Fly:

Chest Dumbbell Fly

Chest Dumbbell fly is usually an upper body workout and it assists you to strengthen your chest and shoulder muscles. It can be performed while lying on the flat and incline bench. It is also useful in reducing your upper body pain, increasing your stamina, and decreasing the tightness in the upper body.

How to do it

  1. Lie down on a flat bench or incline bench.
  2. Place your feet on the floor on both sides of the bench.
  3. Hold the dumbbells in both hands.
  4. Open your both hands like a butterfly and inhale.
  5. Bring back your dumbbells above your chest and exhale.
  6. Perform 3 sets with a combination of 10 to 15 repetitions each set.

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When you have been trying to keep yourself fit and you don’t have time, you can do chest exercises without weights or with weights especially with a pair of dumbbells only.

We have discussed some of the best chest exercises at home above in this article that will certainly assist you to keep your body fit. If you perform the suggested exercises just twice in a week, you will see a drastic change in your personality.

Never depend on the gym that you would go to the gym and will start taking exercises thereafter. A small step with consistency will make your fitness goal easily achievable.

You may consult a fitness trainer to know the chest workouts at home for quick learning and understanding the right postures of workouts.

Focus on your chest workouts primarily because the chest is the main part of your body and if your chest is pumped well, the rest of your body parts will be aligned to boost your stamina.

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